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Meet the Artist


   Born and raised in Roseburg, Oregon, Greg Kovach started his artistic journey by painting and airbrushing anything. Greg has many hobbies that include drumming, bmx, owner of a martial arts and fitness gym, Obstacle Course Racing, metal fabrication, and loves restoring old cars.

   He later bought and owned the Sign Factory from 1996-2019. During this time he found his niche in the concrete arts. It was during this time that his work became well known in the community and surrounding areas grabbing him jobs throughout Oregon and the United States. From intricate airbrush and pinstripe work on autos, boats, motorcycles, home interiors, you name it he can paint on it! Now his adventure is taking on waterfall and concrete carving jobs, from detailed theme work, residential, commercial buildings, columns and entry ways, to wall decor.

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